THOUGHT CAN - Episode 32 - College Stories, Dastardly Dreams, and STU LITERALLY KILLED HIMSELF!!!

September 4, 2016

Love was supposed to show up with Matt, but then he didn't, so Jradgex tried to fix the issue by bringing in Stu. But because Dan is connected to Stu by the MOTHERFUCKING HIP, Dan came along as well. Jradgex tried to rationalize the situation and get things back on track by shooting Dan several times in the face, but that only caused Stu to kill himself. So with blood all over the can and Matt standing in the middle of all of it... what are these clowns gonna do next!

Also they talk about weird-ass dreams, stories about college, and Love's sudden interest in music.






Dan (in the beginning):

Stu (in the beginning):


Link Dump:
(If I forgot any, PLEASE let me know!)

Mr. Nirvana

Whacky Game Jokes 4 Kids

Skyward Sword Dub

5 Heaping Dollops Of Mama’s Famous Greens To Make You Strong So You Can Fuck

Love's Song
(Once Love uploads it to Soundcloud, I'll have a link.)

Intro: Shut the Fuck Up by FilthyFrank

Outro: Matt on his guitar... his actually pretty good.


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